About the Product

Week 2 DQ 1

When is it appropriate to administer a personal interview, telephone survey, or self-administered questionnaire? In your response provide an example as you may have experienced personally or that you have confirmed from reading an article or other source. Explain the benefit of one versus the other in the context of administration and data collection.

Week 2 DQ 2

What are the circumstances in which qualitative analysis is appropriate (provide an example)? When are secondary data sufficient to answer a research question? How would you decide which survey method is appropriate to a particular management question?

Week 2 Summary

Discuss three new terms you learned this week in the discussion or reading assignments.

Provide critical analysis as to why you think these concepts are valuable in the workplace setting.

Outline how you or your management can apply them in your current work environment to gain invaluable information on a process, product, service or workflow.