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Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Riordan Business Model Implementation Plan

Write a 3,500- to 4,200-word paper in which you address and complete the following three phases:

Phase 1: Using the Learning Team business model implementation plan, design a detailed supply chain process flow diagram for Riordan. The process flow diagram must be accompanied by a 1-page explanation of the flow, which includes:

Estimate the cycle times of each step in the process flow.

Estimate over-capacity of the new bottles.

What type of leadership skills—authoritative or participatory—need to be employed to successfully implement the plan? Provide examples of a leader’s behavior given the style chosen.

Determine the appropriate metrics to utilize to determine success.

Phase 2: Several months have passed since the implementation of the new bottle production. Riordan Manufacturing has found that demand is increasing on this new bottle, and their domestic plastic molding facility is limited by capacity. They have just purchased a plastic molding plant inHermasillo,Mexico. Your team has been instructed by theCEOto manufacture the new bottles in that plant.

The customer has advised that they want this product delivered to Howard Beach, NY, andVancouver,BC.

Explain how this change will affect your supply chain, customer satisfaction, and competition.Diagnose any problems and opportunities for improvement in the supply chain, given this change. Your diagnosis must include the following criteria:

Identify any necessary changes for the new facility and the new customer destination.

Solution to the change or problem

Ethical considerations

Technology considerations

E-business considerations

Provide examples of additional leadership skills that need to be employed to successfully implement this change.

Identify metrics to measure the effectiveness of this change on the supply chain. Will the existing metrics apply? Provide examples.

Explain the importance of the chosen metrics.

How do these measurements help ensure competitive advantage? What

actions would be taken based on an undesirable metric?

Phase 3: Forecast the trends that could affect Riordan Manufacturing’s supply chain design, both domestically and internationally. Consider strategic and tactical trends. What effect would these trends have on the company’s future supply chain changes?