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ISCOM 476 Week 1 DQs

What is competitive advantage? How can the supply chain affect competitive advantage? What competitive advantage opportunities does the supply chain in your organization underutilize?

What are the various dimensions of customer value? Which of these dimensions are affected by supply chain strategies? What is the effect on customer satisfaction?

Why do organizations outsource various components of the supply chain? What effects—advantages and disadvantages–does outsourcing have on the supply chain? What are some potential risks associated with outsourcing?

What are the elements of a supply chain philosophy? Which of these elements do you think is the most important? Why? How could you apply a supply chain philosophy in your workplace?

ISCOM 476 Week 2 DQs

What are the basic components of a supply chain? How do these components interact with each other? How do they influence each other? How can you plan for optimum performance between components in the supply chain?

How are employee, equipment, facilities, and budget resources positioned along a supply chain? At any given point, how may one resource be more important than another? How might different types of industries place different emphases on these resources?

What are the basic process steps for designing a supply chain? Is the order of the process steps important? Why or why not? How can you tell if the process is meeting your performance requirements?

ISCOM 476 Week 2 LTA Riordan Manufacturing Supply Chain Evaluation

Write a 700- to 1,050-word executive summary for Riordan’s executive management team with respect to the supply chain required for manufacturing the new perfume bottles. Consider the following:

Riordan has completed a high-level strategic business initiative to leverage their supply chain as a competitive advantage to improve customer satisfaction.

Riordan performed a market analysis and decided to create a new line of bottles. This new line consists of plastic perfume bottles with an unusual design. Riordan’s management team has completed a business model design and financial analysis of the new line of bottles and is ready for the next phase of the business model process: the business model implementation plan.

The Learning Team represents Riordan’s supply chain team and is responsible for completing the business model implementation plan. Using the provided Business Model Implementation Plan Checklist, write an executive summary to Riordan’s executive management team for the new bottles. Include any additional items that may concern Riordan and document all assumptions.

ISCOM 476 Week 3 DQs

What was one problem identified in the Riordan supply chain? What is the root cause of this problem? What steps can be taken to ensure that the problem does not reoccur?

Imagine that you just found out that a family member of your buyer received an expensive gift from one of Riordan’s suppliers. What actions are you going to take? Is it ethical for the family member to keep the gift? Why or why not? What potential issues may arise from this situation?

What types of internal and external changes would affect Riordan’s supply chain? What differences exist between the influence of internal and external changes on the supply chain? How does Riordan plan for external changes and control internal changes?

ISCOM 476 Week 3 Individual Assignment Meditech Surgical Case Paper

Complete theMeditech Surgical case study located at the end of Ch. 1 in the text.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper with complete responses to the four questions at the endof the case.

ISCOM 476 Week 4 DQs

Can you improve something you cannot measure? Why or why not? What metrics does your organization use to assess supply chain performance? What are the benefits of performance metrics? How does your organization use these metrics to improve performance or competitive advantage?

How do internal metrics differ from external metrics? How might dashboard metrics be used? How does an organization know if they are measuring the right things?

What performance metrics do Riordan’s functional departments monitor? What information do they obtain from these metrics? What action might they take based on this information?

How are leadership skills different from management skills? How are they the same? How may management skills differ along the supply chain? What skills are equally important throughout?

ISCOM 476 Week 4 Individual Assignment Dell Inc. Case Paper

Complete the Dell Inc.: Improving the Flexibility of the Desktop PC Supply Chain case located at the end of Ch. 6 in the text.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you respond to the Dell case study and answer the following questions:

Why does L5 incur higher manufacturing and logistics costs than L6? Identify costs incurred by L5 and not by L6. Identify any costs incurred to only L6 and not L5.
Which of the six proposed manufacturing solutions should Dell implement based on survey results (Fig. 6-1)? Why? What are the pros and cons of this recommendation?
What would you do if the chipset supply shortage further deteriorated?
How good is the methodology employed by the Business Process Improvement (BPI) team to determine the optimum manufacturing option for Dell? Are there more effective approaches?
What changes need to be made in the supply chain for Dell to effectively address the root causes contributing to the increase of L5 manufacturing? What would be the effect of these changes?
What have you learned from this case study that you would be able to apply in an organization where you have previously worked or currently work?

ISCOM 476 Week 5 DQs

How can a company identify current trends in an industry? What tools can an organization use to differentiate between long-term trends and short-term fads? How can an organization know when to follow a new trend in the industry?

What trends affect both domestic and global organizations? What trends are purely global in nature? How would you foresee global trends affecting domestic business?

Describe products that are truly global. Describe what organizations that deliver global products do regionally within their business to ensure regional business.

ISCOM 476 Week 5 Riordan Business Model Implementation Plan PAPER

Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Riordan Business Model Implementation Plan

Write a 3,500- to 4,200-word paper in which you address and complete the following three phases:

Phase 1: Using the Learning Team business model implementation plan, design a detailed supply chain process flow diagram for Riordan. The process flow diagram must be accompanied by a 1-page explanation of the flow, which includes:

Estimate the cycle times of each step in the process flow.

Estimate over-capacity of the new bottles.

What type of leadership skills—authoritative or participatory—need to be employed to successfully implement the plan? Provide examples of a leader’s behavior given the style chosen.

Determine the appropriate metrics to utilize to determine success.

Phase 2: Several months have passed since the implementation of the new bottle production. Riordan Manufacturing has found that demand is increasing on this new bottle, and their domestic plastic molding facility is limited by capacity. They have just purchased a plastic molding plant inHermasillo,Mexico. Your team has been instructed by theCEOto manufacture the new bottles in that plant.

The customer has advised that they want this product delivered to Howard Beach, NY, andVancouver,BC.

Explain how this change will affect your supply chain, customer satisfaction, and competition.Diagnose any problems and opportunities for improvement in the supply chain, given this change. Your diagnosis must include the following criteria:

Identify any necessary changes for the new facility and the new customer destination.

Solution to the change or problem

Ethical considerations

Technology considerations

E-business considerations

Provide examples of additional leadership skills that need to be employed to successfully implement this change.

Identify metrics to measure the effectiveness of this change on the supply chain. Will the existing metrics apply? Provide examples.

Explain the importance of the chosen metrics.

How do these measurements help ensure competitive advantage? What

actions would be taken based on an undesirable metric?

Phase 3: Forecast the trends that could affect Riordan Manufacturing’s supply chain design, both domestically and internationally. Consider strategic and tactical trends. What effect would these trends have on the company’s future supply chain changes?

ISCOM 476 Week 5 Riordan Business Model Implementation Plan Presentation

Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Riordan Business Model Implementation Plan Presentation

Prepare a 6-to 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes illustrating the three phases of the project.

Include a flowchart illustrating the supply chain.